All cars, SUVs and trucks, regardless of the make and model, require several fluids to be properly maintained for optimal performance. These vital fluids play a crucial role in enhancing safety as well as efficiency. As a vehicle owner, it is your prerogative to have a solid understanding of the roles of the various fluids and, most importantly, when and were to find top-quality services in the region. Here’s a list of automobile fluids and how often they need to be either checked or replaced.

• On average, the oil needs changing every 3000 miles.

• The transmission fluid needs to be checked monthly and replaced after a given mileage.

• Make sure the coolant is checked at least once every six months.

• Brake fluids ought to be checked monthly and replaced yearly.

• Always make sure you check the power steering fluid monthly.

For assured results, however, it is in your best interest to secure the top-notch services and advice of certified auto mechanics. Schedule an appointment with the reputed auto repair and maintenance technicians here at Tri State Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram based in Maryville to have your fluids checked out today.

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